I’ve been using Foursquare for several years now, mainly just for my own personal amusement. I bet it would be a more fun tool if I was ten years younger and could head out to the bar if I saw several friends checking in somewhere. However, until recently I mainly used it to remind myself the name of restaurants I’d eaten at.

Recently my wife and I moved our Restaurants/Bars/Activities To Do list into a Foursquare list, and now I feel like I’m actually getting value out of the time I spend in Foursquare. My wife and I both read a lot of blogs, restaurant reviews and magazine articles that have great recommendations. For the last several years, we’ve had a Google document where we gather all these recommendations, and we’d occasionally review it and pick out one or two to do on a particular weekend if we’re heading out. As the list grew it got to be somewhat cumbersome. If we found ourselves out in a neighborhood we weren’t familiar with we’d review the list, but we always had a hard time figuring out what was close to where we were.

Now that we’ve moved the list to Foursquare, we’ve actually been doing the things on our list instead of just curating it. Every time we’re out and have a bit of time to kill, we’ll just pull up the Foursquare list, sort by nearby, and actually go to one of the places on our list. Last weekend we were out east, noticed we weren’t too far from Good Girl Dinette, and we had a wonderful meal. (Awesome Imperial Rolls and Curry Chicken Pot Pie!)

Checking in everywhere I went definitely fed some OCD part of my brain that wants data collected about every facet of my existence. Now that we’re using the list feature, I feel like Foursquare is actually filling a need and improving my life. That’s more than I can say about many other sites out there.